For Ayurveda, springtime is the perfect moment for a Juice Cleanse, for fasting or practicing other cleanse techniques such as a liver cleanse. By doing this, we get rid of the mucosity and toxins accumulated during the winter.

To give a break to the digestive system, taking only liquids for one or two days is really blissful and has a possitive effect healthwise. It is worth it to experience it.

Not only will you cleanse the body, but you will also have more energy, by boosting your immunity system, getting more hydrated, you will feel in a better general shape very wuickly, lighter, less tired and heavy. Fasting and juicing burn toxins accumulated in the organism, which come from bad eating habits and heavy emotions as well.

This specific juice cleanse can be done at any time of the year, however it is suggested to be done sometime during the springtime. The cleanse is composed by the intake of a total of 6 juices (500 ml each) in one day, the first one betwteen 7 and 8 AM, and the last one before 8.30 PM.

Organic produce is used to make these lovely juices, and they will be bottleled only into glass bottles in order to preserve the taste and nutrients intact.

There's no delivery service, the pick up is at the corner of Padilla and Malabia streets, Villa Crespo. Pick up will be the night before of the day of the cleanse.

1 day (7 juices): $600
2 days (14 juices): $1000

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