Andi Vatika Ayurveda Life Style Plan

Hello there! My name is Andi Vatika, I live in NYC, I'm a 32 years old, a yoga and ayurveda teacher.
I've been teaching yoga for more than 12 years now, I've studied several teacher trainings and I've taken classes in many places around the world. I also work with ayurveda, the medicine side of yoga, which I consider an amazing philosophy, I base my life on it.

So I cook ayurvedic meals for me and my loved ones, for costumers at their own home, and I prepare specific meals on demand. I'm also very much into raw food. I have developed my own line of raw crackers and cookies, using all natural ingredients, ayurvedicly spiced according to the season of the year. I sell them at yoga studios, natural health stores, and on demand. One of my favourite activities is giving ayurvedic personal consultations, to help people know themselves better and adjust their life style to a more organic and coherent one. I do as well ayurvedic body work, with the use of herbally infused oils tailored for each bio type.

I will now tell you what Andi Vatika Ayurveda Life Style Plan is about. It is a holistic service, including ayurveda teachings, creating a tailored diet for each individual (each person is unique so are his/her needs). We will work on creating a diet that will wake you up in the AM, stimulate you during the day and will help you zen out at night. Cooking classes and/or cooked meals are absolutely available. My advise is that you take a few cooking classes, so that you learn to make your own amazing medicinal food, from now till forever. And...you'll surprise friends and lovers ;) Some of the recipes we'll work on are: vegan versions of ayurvedic traditional dishes, crazycrazycool saldas and soups, raw cookies, crackers, fruit chips, kale chips, seed wraps, guilt-free deserts -sugar, wheat, diary free, healthy snacks, etc.

Plus: ayurvedic bodywork, personalized yoga classes bothvworking on the individual's needs and body type.
Meditation guide, to learn how to meditate (this is so important!). Also classes on aromatherapy, understanding the effect of the different essences and herbs, taking into account the weather, seasons and the elements in nature. Creating home made, ayurvedic body splashes, massage oils and home sprays. Learning to make Ayurvedic herbal teas and infussions, the usage of herbs, spice and flowers and understanding the effects. Juicing, smoothies, medicine waters. Detox follow ups.

So many beautiful things! You can pick one or more of these services, no need to do all.
Feel free to ask, should you have any doubt, I'd be happy to answer any question.

Thank you for reading!
Andi Vatika
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