If I had to name the class I usually teach, its name would be Hatha/Vinyasa. It's a vigorous class, but in a conscious way. My classes also adapt to the students, (each posture has beginners or advanced options): for this reason it is open to all levels. We begin with a short standing meditation so as to become aware of the present moment, our breathing, focusing on the body and feeling one's own presence. Followed by Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations to warm the body up and avoid injuries. After, we practise Kriya, a purification technique, which, by building a detoxifying sweat, cleans and prepares the physical body for Asana (postures). Asana practice will be the longest part of the class, going through forward bends, back bends, side bending, twists, balance postures, lifts and shoulder and head stands, which, practiced all together in one class will help develop strong and flexible physical and emotional bodies, from the very first practice.

A characteristic of my classes is to hold each posture for a few breaths, (I work with permanence and not with repetition of postures). I believe this is the key to success in Yoga: permanence builds strength, stability and ease, a relaxed mind, and allows us to work on subtle levels since many times we can close our eyes while holding the Asana, and dive within ourselves. During Asana practice, we will perform different sorts of Pranayamas (breathing techniques), which leads us to a more focused and pranic (energetic) class.

As we reach the end of the class, we will go for a well-deserved restorative excercise. It is a 7-10 min. guided Yoga Nidra (relaxation technique). Last but not least, we will seal the practice with a short (but deep) meditation.

Classes can be delivered in English, Spanish or Portuguese. At your own home, at a park of your choice, or you can come practice with me at my studio in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires City. Private classes are by appointment and can be 1 on 1, for couples, small groups.

All are welcome to my classes, hope to meet you soon!
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