This challenging moment of the day a healthy can easily turn into an empowering dose of energy for your mind and body. Your health and wellbeing depend on your habits. Snacking unhealthy food will long term affect your health in several ways, and short term will discourage you, making you feel down, energy low and even more hungry than before having the snack. Bad quality food makes you feel heavy, and affects the mind as well as the body, not allowing you to think and move sharply and fast. Unhealthy snacking won't provide you with the energy you need for a fruitful day. It might give u a sugar/caffeine high, but we all know it doesn't really work and chances are you'll want more after a few minutes, looping the process.

There's nothing wrong with being hungry in the middle of the day, or with snacking. Just be smart about it.

I say you have nothing to lose in trying. I make the yummiest raw snacks in my world. Word. Try them, or learn to make them yourself by taking my cooking class. Then see how you feel before, during and after. I know you'll love them, and your cells too.

I must admit I've been pretty creative with these snacks. and I'm happy with the different products. What's creative about them is that I have given them an ayurvedic twist. That's to say, I change them all the time (the spice, herbs, texture, etc) according to the season on the year, to create different effects. For example, the winter season is a kapha, heavy, wet and cold, (water and earth elements predomine). So my winter snacks will tend to be less sweet or salty, lighter, will want to be easily digested. Room temperature or option of warming them up a bit to include the aspects the winter lacks (warmth, lightness).
Great snacks for paragliders, athletes in general, camping lovers. Also great for busy and walking-around dudes, office machines will love my snacks too. Some of the snacks (all raw, vegan, gluten and sugar free) I'm currently making, eating, selling, sharing are:

1) raw kale chips (more than 5 flavours available)
2) raw flax seed wrap
3) raw crackers (3 flavours available)
4) raw cookies (3 flavours available)
5) rawmesan (raw vegan version or parmesan cheese)
6) raw fruit chips (apples always available, the rest are only local, seasonal fruit)
7) raw dried tomatoe
8) raw raisins
9) raw falafel
10) raw, glutten free pizza crust
11) raw choco cake (birthday cake available)
12) raw choco mousse
13) frawzen (raw and slightly frozen) raw cacao+cardamom truffles
14) choco power balls (containing more that 10 superfoods)
15) rawnola (raw granola)
16) raw ice cream (blueberry, banana&cocoa, banana split)

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