Vatika was created with the goal of sharing the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. Through the knowledge and practice of these two ancient philosophies, we are able to carry out a healthy, joyful, simple and creative life.

We believe that Yoga and Ayurveda work in many levels, mainly in finding one's own higher self. These two systems have maintained a long and intimate history, linked together as a complementary path of human development. We can say Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand: Yoga is the spiritual aspect of Ayurveda, while Ayurveda is the medicinal side of Yoga.

Vatika literally translates from Sanskrit as garden or forrest. In a garden we are able to relax and observe the million things that take place around us. Nature makes us feel serene, content. The mind is clear, present. We are one with Nature, one with the Universe. This garden is within each one of us.

Vatika offers Yoga Classes, Ayurveda Consultations, Ayurvedic Massage and Cooking Classes.

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