Chef for Yoga&Ayurveda Retreat

This is one of the activities I enjoy the most. Getting out of the city, blessed by the company of yogis, transmitting my knowledge and love through the food I make for them, all this fills my heart with joy, and makes me wish that every single being on Earth loves their jobs as much as I love mine.

The food I make for retreats is attached to what's required by the organisers. Could have a bigger focus on ayurveda cookery, or raw-vegan, or medicinal brevages. Again, choice of ingredients, temperature of the different meals, spice and herbs used, oils, deserts, etc will vary on the season of the year and the elements in nature. We apply our consciousness to become stronger, healthier, balanced and connected with the macrocosm.

Vegan ayurvedic/ raw/ gluten free options.

Contact me for Yoga&Ayurveda Retreat menu options.

Raw Events

How cool is offering your friends and acquaintances an event with gourmet raw food, where people will love the colorful, sensual feast and will remember you for your creative and original choice, and for feeling awesome on the next day!

Vegan/raw vegan/gluten free options.

Contact me for more info and menu options.

Vegan&GlutenFree Pizza Party

Is this real life?
Yes, I love pizza too, and when I became vegan and gluten free I decided I had to do something about it. And I did. You can ask my friends if you don't believe me. My vegan GF pizza came out so good, that even dairy eaters chased me and my raw pizza tray around last Christmas eve.
Call me and let's through an unforgettably raw pizza party.
Vegan, gluten free

Kids Raw Birthday Party

We all know how children love sweets. So let's make them happy! Let's give them the sweets, they won't even notice they are so healthy, raw, vegan, gluten free because they are so so so yummy and nicely decorated...
Raw choco b-day cake, truffles, raw cookies, fruits diped in chocolate and many other delicious beauties will be displayed on your garden b-day table.'s yoga option: We can have a short yoga session, imitating animals and playing and laughing as we stretch and relax before or after enjoying the raw feast.

Contact me for more details.

Shiva&Shakti Dinner

There are specific foods, herbs, spices, flowers known to have powerful aphrodisiac effects on us. I love to play with this in my food creations. Fun, sensual, adventurous and off the beaten track night, sealed with a glass of ayurvedic wine and Ethiopian raw chocolate.
Raw, vegan, ayurvedic, gluten free options.

Contact me for more info.

Family Chef

Tired of cooking everyday? I'd be happy to give a raw/vegan hand to you and your family! I recommend this service at least once a week, to make sure your children have superfoods weekly, as you start incorporating more vegetables and vegan versions of traditional foods. Children learn and adapt fast. The sooner the better, right? To grow strong, healthy and have a delicious, broad and nutritious diet from childhood.

Holiday Chef

Why not? Sometimes a bit of a luxury is healthy. Who doesn't dream of taking a chef who makes the most delicious home made food with you to your holidays? So just push play and make your dream come true. Contact me if you feel you deserve a break from the kitchen. Enjoy the most amazing, colorful, delicious, stimulating, inspiring and sensual food every day, many times a day! Thus, you'll come back full of energy, feeling and looking great, skin glowing, belly full and heart happy.
Ok, you might get a few ayurvedic cocktails and glasses of herbally infused wine too. It's holiday time after all.

Rock Tour Chef&Guru

After working with a few musicians, rock stars and celebrities, I came to the conclusion that the intake of the proper food and brevages have a great impact on their energy and performance, on the quality of their work. We will work on stress and anxiety management before and after the shows, by applying accessible, easy and effective yoga techniques such as meditation sessions, idealy every morning and/or before and after each show. Meditation works on bringing the mind to the present moment and helps to calm and balance emotions, manage stress better, helping you to sleep better and deeper, which translates to feeling great and focused all the time.
Bands benefit from this spiritual work practiced together, creating a healthier and deeper connection between members.

Email me for some rocking raw, vegan food, yoga and meditation sessions, great detox plans.

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