For more than 15 years Yoga has been a crucial part of my life. I am a Hatha, Ashtanga and Prenatal Yoga certified Instructor, having trained in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in South India, where I also studied Ayurveda. In addition to teaching Yoga and Ayurveda, I am a Translator in Literature. I must say Yoga and Ayurveda have changed my life, turning it into a happier, more balanced, simpler, spicier and healthier one. I absolutely love practicing and teaching Yoga, it makes me happy to share my experience and all that has been useful to me throughout my life.

To close one's eyes, listen to one's own breath, to be present in the body and mind, spending a sincere moment with ourselves... we don't do this so often, do we? And it's probably what we need the most. This is why, as much as I love Asana, in each one of my classes I put a lot of emphasis in the inner aspect of the practice. I understand that Yoga provides us with fresh eyes to perceive the world, the others, oneself. Practicing a deep philosophy such as Yoga, makes us re-discover the beauty that exists everywhere, which we often overlook.

Ayurveda has always captivated me, I recall being 16 and on a trip to Uruguay I found this book on Ayurveda: it was love at first sight, and I must say today I'm more in love than ever :) After the year I spent in India, the Ayurvedic view of life has turned essential. The tools Ayurveda provides us with are so incredibly beautiful, useful and accessible, I now feel it's my mission to pass on this knowledge through my work.

What makes my heart smile?

Traveling around the world and practicing Yoga in remote languages. Meeting inspiring people. A true hug from a loved one. Studying Astrology. Taking classes on any subject as long as the teacher rocks. Cooking for my friends. Learning something new. Flowers, specially the passionfruit flower. Intervening objects, drawing and painting. Taking pictures. Helping someone through my work. The smell of the orange in bloom from the neighbourhood where I grew up in Buenos Aires. Singing at the top of my lungs. The Yoga, Ayurveda and Life Teachers who have selflessly taught, guided and loved me.
Dinos Hola!
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