I am happily available to share my knowledge on yoga and ayurveda worldwide. Workshops are amazingly effective ways of learning, having fun and meeting beautiful people.

Contact me if you, your studio or Retreat Center are interested. I'd be happy to send you detailed info on the workshop you're interested in.

The classes and workshops available are:

1- Introduction to ayurveda as a philosophy
2- Ayurvedic diet (theory)
3- Ayurveda cooking class (hands on)
4- Yoga from ayurveda (find the yoga style that suits you best)
5- Vegan, raw, gluten, dairy and sugar free deserts
6- Dehydrator machine class to learn how to operate them and to make raw snacks and many raw preparations.
7- Pranayama, meditation, relaxation for specific emotions and mental states
8- Asanas suggested for each season of the year, learning to create an intelligent and personal yoga practice
9- Prenatal yoga
10- Mudras, powerful hand gestures
11- Yamas and niyamas
12- Introduction to yoga sutras
13- Sanskrit terminology for basic asanas

Language options: Spanish, English and Portuguese
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